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A Trojan Affair

novel science religion conflict drama atheism politics racism

An outback town simmering with conflict, a preacher dancing to a conman's tune, and the naive boy who lights the powderkeg’s wick.

When gregarious Oxford-raised Dara Singh arrives in the dusty Calvinist village of Carnarvon, he is utterly unprepared for the reception that awaits.

Around the town, an international consortium of scientists led by Dara's mother's is constructing a multi-billion dollar infrastructure, designed to confirm the origins of the universe.

Their cantankerous preacher inflames the territory's natural suspicion of outsiders; himself dancing to the tune of a cabal of other foreigners pursuing their secret agenda


Dara is the wrong guy, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. As the situation unravels, decades of pent-up rage, xenophobia, and generational friction steadily peel away, leaving everyone reeling.


Modernity pits itself against tradition as religion vents its frustration against science in this thrilling geo-political page-turner.

Smorenburg congers up a tension-packed tale of intrigue and riveting detail.

Lose yourself in this story of zealots, scientists, and scoundrels. 

Grab your copy of A Trojan Affair today.

LifeGames Corporation

novel science thriller conflict drama politics LGBT

When Catherine Kaplan lands a contract with LifeGames Corporation, she has no inkling of the sinister reality steadily drawing her toward a web of deceit, cover-up, and mortal danger.

LifeGames Corporation operates Immersive Virtuality Reality simulation systems that are run by Artificial Intelligence. Governments, militaries and business have become reliant on LifeGames to train their executives. Candidates who undergo simulations are first hypnotized by an automated sequence to believe that their experience will be real—not a simulation. The consequence is that their reactions reveal with absolute certainty their aptitude to endure stress. The innovation has made founder, Kenneth Torrington among the world’s most wealthy men.

When her ad agency lands a contract with Life Games Corporation, Catherine has no inkling that the real price for that lucrative honor will be her soul. But soon Ken plays his hand; he has a sexual fantasy about Roman orgies and a means to deliver them.

It plunges both Ken and Catherine into a maelstrom of mutual destruction that threatens to pull more than just the company down on itself.

Pick up LifeGames Corporation now to learn about the superstitious underpinnings of human psychology, the hacking of brain architecture and the cost it has on humanity.

The Praying Nun

novel adventure thriller historic religion conflict drama politics racism

An uncharted shipwreck, the mysteries she hides, and the damned souls who suffered in her holds.

In 1985 two divers discovered an ancient unchartered shipwreck off South Africa’s Cape of Storms. Salvaging the wreck only inflames the enigma with the trail of secrets compounding and the wreck refusing to yield her identity. Countless vessels, some crammed with bullion, have joined this ship graveyard over the centuries, but what sort of galleon was this, leaving only canon, cannon balls and scant few clues behind? Three decades pass before the Smithsonian of Washington solves the riddle.

It’s 1794. On the fevered coast of Mozambique, Chikunda and his wife Mkiwa, stripped naked and shackled, are heaved aboard the São José de Africa. Only a miracle may save them from the horrors below deck where more than 400 fellow slaves are crammed. But nobody can guess what fate has in store.

If you enjoy Wilbur Smith and Clive Cussler you are bound to enjoy this fact-inspired fictional tale by Michael Smorenburg, based as it is by personal experience, eye-witness reports and the items salvaged from the São José de. Pick it up now to go on the adventure of a lifetime


novel viking nasa thriller experiment time slip

A secret NASA experiment gone wrong, the chaos that ensues, and one reporter seeking the truth who follows leads where she shouldn't.

On a flight from Paris to Los Angeles Tegan Mulholland is intrigued & charmed by Pete, the mysterious stranger sitting beside her. But when their plane almost falls from the sky and other jets in her vicinity wink from the radar, the official explanations that follow reek to Tegan’s retired investigative journalist mind of cover up.

What is not declared: A secret NASA experiment has warped a column of time instead of space, plucking with it the planes out of our era, and a band of Norse warriors from the Vinland colony millennia ago into our epoch. Rowing eastward and back to Iceland, the contrail of Tegan’s plane appearing after the strange aurora and moving westward high above, the Norsemen conclude are Odin’s order to return to Vinland and the modern day Canadian coast, where, just days before, the skraeling Indians had driven them out.

As news reports flood Tegan’s living room of murder and massacre, speculating about which gang of roughly dressed bearded marauders are responsible for mayhem and murder around the quiet Canadian coast, Tegan has a hunch that the story is not what it seems. She quits her Hollywood Exec job and embarks on an odyssey that leads inexorably ever closer toward the Norsemen’s hidden lair.

Only Pete, the Lockheed consultant she had steadily fallen in love with during the harrowing flight and since, has any hope of saving her.

If you enjoy intrigue, conspiracy and romantic suspense, Ragnarok will grip your imagination and not let go.

Business Buyer's Kit

Most books covering business acqusition begin presuming that you have already found a target business to buy.  They walk you through the financial and legal process of proceeding. But Business Buyer's Kit is a primer designed to bring you to the point where those sort of analytical books take over.
For anyone serious about buying an existing business, this book teaches everything they need to know about the acquisition process. Includes a 300-question checklist designed to help collect the vital information on a potential purchase.

Represented & sold by Keller Media, Malibu, California.

The Everything Sailing Book

The Everything Sailing Book: Sail Away with Tons of Tips, Tricks, Lessons, and Helpful Hints That Cover Every Aspect of Getting Off the Dock (Everything (Adams Media)) by (1999).

It was a fun book to read and really seems to have been extremly useful to readers who want a flavour of what sailing is about and getting and keeping their feet - well... dry.

Represented & sold by Keller Media, Malibu, California.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3

Everything Sailing - Part 2

The Everything Sailing Book - Part 2 takes over where the top seller by the same name left off: From Rigging to Reaching--All of the Information You Need to Set Sail.

It was a real honour to write on contract to Adams Media and their extremly sucessful "Everything" range of titles.

Represented & sold by Keller Media, Malibu, California.

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